7 Best Way to Earn Money online in Pakistan without Investment

Best Way to Earn Money online in Pakistan without Investment

7 Best Way to Earn Money online in Pakistan without Investment: Make money online is a dream of everyone but not everyone succeed on it. Here, I will share with you best ways to make money online in Pakistan without Investment. Literally telling you if you are a beginner you have to do really work hard. There is no such shortcuts that you will start earn money within a month or two. If any one telling you this, he is a scammer because shortcuts money comes only from illegal work. Illegal work can’t stay too long. So, don’t think too much at starting 5 to 6 months you have to do work very hard to earn online money in Pakistan. If you have these things your success is 99.9% sure.

  • Consistency
  • Hard work
  • Patience
  • Keep Learning

These four thing will help you earn money online, if you don’t have these things then don’t waste your time here to earn money through internet go and do some other work. First make your concept clear then your success is assure. So, let’s start the best way to earn money online in Pakistan without Investment.

7 Best Way to Earn Money online in Pakistan without Investme

Earn Money Online from Articles Writing1. Earn Money Online from Article Writing

If you have great writing skills so, believe me this earning method will help you a lot because you have to write only articles for different websites. I will provide those websites list in below, you have to register yourself on those websites create an account write and articles and get pay. Few websites are there who pay you on per Article on your demand.

If you get some experience to write article professionally you can learn a lot. Do not try to post copyright articles or don’t use articles spinner because these websites are too professional you cannot make them fool, they will not approve your article and they will ban you permanently. So, write you own words you will get benefits. These are the websites by which you can “earn money online from article writing in Pakistan”.

  • Hubpages
  • Squideo
  • About
  • Ehow

make money online from online teaching in Pakistan2. Earn Money Online from Online Teaching

If you have any skills, or knowledge and you want to teach others then is the best method to earn money online. There are few website who allow you to teach from there and they will pay you, but you have to work very hard, at starting you have to upload all your course video. Here one more tip I am sharing with you may be at starting you will get too much problem, user will not trust on your content because nobody knows you. So, what you do give free course one or two time and give discount on your courses for first 500 students to make people know your work and teaching style. Provide quality content to your student so, they will definitely buy your courses and share with others and will back again.

We have great example in Pakistan MR. Abdul Wali he is the owner of Onlinustaad.com he earned 1Cror in one year through online teaching and you can search many more people in Pakistan who is doing online Teaching and making a lot of money. So, if they are earning why not you, just take a first step simply shoot your Quality Tutorial video and upload. Here are the websites list on which you can “make money online from online teaching in Pakistan”.

  • Udemy
  • Lynda
  • Coursera
  • Code academy

earn money online through affiliate marketing in Pakistan3. Earn Money Online from Affiliate Marketing

This is one of the greatest way, to make money online and it is easy as well as difficult, depends on how much skills you have. There are a lot of money in this method but, you have to work very hard. Affiliate Marketing is the way by which you can promote other companies products and convert it into sales through your that link. So, you will get the commission on it.

You can start this easily what you have to need a blog or website or if you have good links on Social Media websites you can start earning. The best way now a days for this create YouTube Channel it free to make start reviewing their product drop product link on description then people come and see the video, if they like product they will buy from your description link and you will get the commission on it. These are the top websites which help you to “earn money online through affiliate marketing in Pakistan”.

  • Amazon
  • Ebay
  • Click Bank

earn money online through freelancing in Pakistan4. Earn Money Online from Freelancing

This online earning method is increasing so rapidly, and most of the people are coming towards freelancing because it’s such a vast Platform.  There are lots of people who earning handsome amount from free lancing. You can start freelancing right now if, you have any skills so you can easily earn money through freelancing. Right now, the most demanded skills in freelancing platform is web Development or Graphic Designing.

If you have a command on adobe Photoshop and you can create logo design, graphic design, banner etc.. So, you can earn a lot from freelancing then because there is a lot of work available on internet of graphic designing only required skill people who can actually do this in a smartly way. I hope you enjoying reading these ‘best ways to earn money online in Pakistan without investment’.  Below are the list of top freelancing websites by which you can easily “earn money online through freelancing in Pakistan”.

  • Upwork
  • Fiverr
  • Freelance
  • 99 Designs
  • People Per Hour

You have to register you self on these website and create a GIG means what skills you can provide? How much you will charge? Just post your gig then you will start getting orders.  Complete orders on time if buyer likes the order he will pay. But it’s not that much easy as I am writing, you have to do really work hard. In 1st to 2nd month there is very less chances that you got the order because your profile is new, and visitors can’t trust newbies easily.

So, you have to wait improve your profile give some value to your clients, Give quality work to your buyer and avoid from negative points because negative point will show bad image of your work. If random people read your Positive review there is 99% chances they will give you an order. Make sure provide quality work, and make yourself as a brand it will help you in a long run.

earn money online from blogging in Pakistan5. Earn Money Online from Blogging

This is one of the most difficult method but return on earning is superb. You have to make a website either you purchase cheap domain and hosting or create a free blog on BlogSpot. You have to write your own article or provide information. Google hated copyrighted article so, right by yourself at least 500 words. In blogging there are lot of other things you have to do like, Search Engine Optimization SEO. You have to learn this and it will help your articles to rank in Google, but this is not an easy task you have to do lot of things in your mind like; Title, description, keyword, on page and off page SEO.

As you know there thousands of website available on a single topic. So what chances visitor will visit your site. That is why SEO is important if your website comes on 1st page in Google Ranking then it’s a party time. You can earn through affiliate marketing from blogging as well. But most famous partner Google AdSense in which you can earn a lot and have no limit. Google only wants quality unique articles and unique pictures and if you are able to provide it your success in blogging is google guarantee. In Pakistan there are lot of people earning from blogging and they are earning more than 6 figures a month. If you are ready to work really hard, and give time to blogging than this is the best way for you to “earn money online from blogging in Pakistan”.

earn money online from YouTube in Pakistan6. Earn Money Online from YouTube

You can only think how much you can earn from YouTube. Actually the problem is most of people in Pakistan don’t know about it. Either they can earn money from YouTube as well. If someone told them they don’t trust and thought they are trying to make them fool or he is a scammer. But, literally you can earn a lot of money from YouTube. This is not an easy task, it required lot of hard work and patience but not say impossible.

YouTube only wants from their YouTube Creator Confidence, Talent, Time, consistency, hard work and smart work. One thing YouTube never allow to their creator to upload others videos. YouTube hate this practice might be at the beginning once you post others videos you see you start earning. But literally, it won’t work so long. YouTube is not an ordinary website or plat-form, you cannot play with YouTube. They will trace you at the time of payment. when you were expecting for cheque from YouTube and they will ban your channel.

In Pakistan, I really don’t understand why people go for illegal way too quickly. If there is a company give you a plat-form by which you can earn money the more you want, if I say earning is like; sky is the limit then not wrong on it. So, why people in Pakistan not taking benefits in a positive way. Remember, Original Content is always a king. I am not saying everyone in Pakistan is finding illegal way no, there are lots of people who earning through original content from YouTube like; some big channel from Pakistan Damin Studio, ZaidAli, Tamoor Academy etc.. These are the people who create original content and earning.

So, I advice you do a professional work on YouTube. You can earn a lot of money from YouTube. But of course there are a lot of efforts and required time as well. Your initial effort will pay you in long run. The Payment method is very simple you will get paid through AdSense, you have to link your YouTube account from google AdSense.

YouTube policy has changed now so, your monetization will on once you got 10,000 views on your channel it is not necessary on a single video, the total views on your all videos if it exceed more than 10,000 then you will show monetization option on your YouTube channel send request to YouTube to turn on monetization. YouTube will review your channel, if you upload copy righted videos or use copyrighted music, track or images YouTube never approve your account.

If your work hundred percent original your YouTube account will approve 100%. So, let’s start and pick up your camera. If you don’t want to come in front of camera then you can also record your computer screen to give tutorial videos. Don’t think that people will laugh at you. Always remember “Nobody born with perfection everyone here is for learning. And Practice makes a man perfect”. Just trust on yourself and give confidence that yes you can do it. I hope you like this best way to “earn money online from YouTube in Pakistan”.

earn money online from Dailymotion in Pakistan7. Earn Money Online from Daily Motion

You can earn money online from Daily motion as well. Daily motion polices is not too much difficult as YouTube have. You can upload any videos you want but earning little slow. They restrict you to upload videos on minutes, you cannot upload more than 60 minutes videos per day. What you have to do just signup on Daily motion create an account, update all necessary information Channel name, Description and there you will see an option for Monetization your videos. You simply click on it and turn on monetization.

Daily motion didn’t take too much time to approve it gets approve instantly. For the Payment you have to link Your Payoneer account with dailymotion. If you did not have payoneer account, then simply go to the payoneer website and signup yourself with the correct name and address and fill all necessary information. Within seven days you will get approval from payoneer, then you have to apply for Payoneer visa debit card. You will get it within 20 to 25 days then activate your card from payoneer now you can use it Bank Al Habib ATM and start earn money online from daily motion in Pakistan. This is the easiest way to “earn money online from Daily-motion in Pakistan”.

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I hope you guys enjoy this article 7 best way to earn money online in Pakistan without investment. I tried my best to tell you each and everything and I hope you learn something. If you like my article then don’t forget to appreciate in a comment box. Kindly share this article with your friends and family as well. So, they can also get the benefit and can earn money online in Pakistan without investment.

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