Top 5 Best Food Streets in Mumbai

Top 5 Best Food Streets in Mumbai: If we say Mumbai is the city of dream won’t be wrong. Whenever we heard the name of Mumbai there is one thing come in our mind that is Bollywood. But Mumbai not only famous for its Bollywood but also some great places. If you are planning to go vacation to Mumbai then this article is for you. In this article I am sharing top 5 best food streets in Mumbai. We all can compromise anything except food. There is always issue to find good places for food when go to vacations. But in Mumbai you can find quality food not only in five stars hotel but also in food streets as well. So, let see the “top 5 best food streets in Mumbai”.

Top 5 Best Food Streets in Mumbai

Top 5 Food Streets in Mumbai
Food Streets in Mumbai

1. Juhu Chawpatty

Juhu Chawpatty is located near Juhu tara road near Airport Area in Mumbai. It is like a center of attraction for all tourist and travelers. It is famous by its beautiful beach but now people like their food as well. This is the place where you can enjoy variety and quality of food. The famous dishes which usually people come to eat there is chat items. Like, Pani puri and Sev puri. Pani puri is also known as Gol Gappy but usually in Mumbai its called Pani Puri. There is a name of dish which is made by boiled Potatoes that is Ragda Pattice is also very famous. One and only Bombay Bhel is the mouthwatering item of this place which is nobody can ignore.

In summers, there is little hot weather in Mumbai. So, you can enjoy Gola which is made up of Crushed ice with floured color and Chocolate on it. Gola also called Gola Ganda in many other places as well. The specialty of this place is Vada Pav and Pav bhaji. You have to taste these dishes if you are planning to visit in Mumbai. So, the big food street Island in Mumbai is Juhu Chawpatty where you can enjoy best street foods.

2. Bademiyan

Bademiyan is located near Taj Mahal hotel, Tullock road in Mumbai. If you are in Mumbai and looking for non-vegetarian food then you must have to visit this food street. It is a place where you can enjoy number of quality non vegetarian foods items. The Chicken Tikka roll and Kababs are very famous dishes for this food street. You can also enjoy Biryanis, Curries, rumali Roties and Keema Pav etc. There also vegetarian food available. Like, Veg Biryani, Paneer Tikka, veg Kababs and Paneer bhurji. It is famous when to say “Mumbai Never sleeps” you can enjoy food from 12pm till 1am.

3. B Merwan & Co

You can find irani cafes in this food street as well. This food street is located Allibhai Premji Road, just opposite grand Road station. The specialty of this cafe is Mawa cake. Many people come to find this food street from long way distance only enjoy Mawa Cakes. There is a famous tea which is Marwan Chai, Bun Masaka etc. which you can enjoy with your friends and family as well.

4. Haji Ali Juice Centre

It is a food street where you can find Milkshakes, fresh Juices, and Faloda. If you want sandwiches and Pizza you can also get it. You can enjoy milkshakes in different flavor. Like, Cocktails custard apple, dry fruits, blueberry, apple, kiwi etc. Delicious Faloodas also available in different way. Like, mango, dry fruits, anjir, rose etc… The specialty of this food street is the cream and fruit. You can enjoy fruit bowl with thick layer of cream on it.

5. Zam zam Sweets and Bakery

There is necessity item after enjoy meal that is dessert. Zam zam Sweets and Bakery is one of the famous Sweets and Bakery in Mumbai. Many people come here and buy lots of sweets for their family. They have lot of braches in Mumbai as well. The specialty of sweets they have Mawa Barfi, Khaja, Malai and Peda. But many people enjoy sweets Aflatoon which melt as soon you put in your mouth. You can also enjoy some cakes as well. So, if there water is coming in your mouth then do not wait and go enjoy delicious sweets.

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I hope now you make a list for your trip and note it down these top 5 best food street in Mumbai. I recommend, go these places and enjoy their delicious food. Let, us know your experience in a comment below and share your experience with others. I hope you like this article and share this with your friends as well.

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