Top 5 Best Universities in Canada

Top 5 Best Universities in Canada: After completed intermediate, The biggest question comes in everyone mind that is which university select for higher education. Hello everyone, welcome back to another article. We all want to be a successful human being. But for being a successful person somehow education play a very important role in our life. Most of the people go to the foreign countries to pursue their higher education. Everyone wants to get the degree from the world best college or University, but not everyone succeed it. We all know Canada recognize about their beautiful places and natural beauty. But nobody knows about Canada also recognize to provide Quality educational Institute.  But In this article, I will share top 5 best universities in Canada. Many famous personalities was a part of that Universities and they have completed their education. So, let see the “top 5 best universities in Canada”.

Top 5 Best Universities in Canada

Top 5 Best Universities in Canada

 1. University of British Columbia

This university was located near west mall Vancouver in Canada. The university offered variety of courses but their specialization on public research. The have both undergraduate and graduate programs. In the degree of technology, law, media, engineering, creative arts, business, economics, Math’s, chemistry, health science and many more. The size of university is around 400 hectares and have many computers labs, libraries and museum as well.

2. University of Alberta

The University of Alberta is one of the most beautiful university in Canada. It is located near Edmonton in Canada. This university offered graduate and undergraduate programs. Like; Medicine, agriculture, engineering, dentistry, environment, arts, rehabilitation medicine and Nursing. The University of Alberto also being a part of many top level researches as well. This university also offered scholarship program for their local as well as foreigner students. It has a huge campus with beautiful big library and many other facilities as well.

3. McGill university

This is one of biggest and renowned university in Canada. It has around 300 buildings, with 250,000 live alumni. It is located in Montreal Canada. There are many foreigner students studying in this university. It is also offered scholarship programs for their international students. They offered programs for graduate and undergraduate departments. Like, management, agriculture, architecture, law, arts, music, engineering, science and many others. In the university there is a hostel for international students as well. There are many other facilities like, libraries, dining, etc. Students can also take a part of Athletic games, social work, music and theater as well.

4. York university

If you are looking for a best university in Toronto then York University is the best option for you. You can also apply for scholarship as well. This university offers many programs. Like, health studies, engineering, media, science, arts, environmental studies, design and many others. Every year this university host many events. You can allow to take a part of other external activities as well. Like, acting, singing, music, athletics, marathon and many others. The university aims to provide quality education.

5 University of Waterloo

Many international students don’t know about this university. But this is one of the top class University for Quality Research and for quality teaching. It is located in Waterloo Canada. The University of Waterloo offered many courses for both graduate and undergraduate programs. Like; engineering, environment, science, applied health sciences, arts and mathematics etc. There are many other institute affiliates with this university. Like; St. Jerome’s University and Conrad Grebel University College and many others. You can also apply for scholarship in this university. They offers scholarship to their local students as well as foreigner students.

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I hope you like this information. It will help you to pursue your higher education in Canadian university. You can also contact these universities and can send them email for more information. You can also check the latest date of admissions and can check the history of the university as well. I wish you best of luck and hope you will get a degree from a renowned university. If you like this article ‘top 5 best universities in Canada’ then share this with your friends. So, they can also get benefit to get higher degree from a reputable Canadian university. If you like our effort then don’t forget to appreciate in a comment box. If you want more interesting articles then you can tell us in a comment box as well.

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